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Getting Started


Image API


In addition to generating manipulated images, Glide also helps with creating HTTP responses using the getImageResponse() method. This is recommended over the outputImage() method, since it allows your application to handle the actual output of the image.

However, the type of response object needed depends on your application or framework. For example, you may want a PSR-7 response object if you’re using the Slim framework. Or, if you’re using Laravel or Symfony, you may want to use an HttpFoundation object. To use the getImageResponse() method you must configure Glide to return the response you want.

Response integrations

Vendor Message interface Adapter package
PSR-7 PSR-7 Included in base package
CakePHP Vendor specific league/glide-cake
Laravel HttpFoundation league/glide-laravel
Slim PSR-7 league/glide-slim
Symfony HttpFoundation league/glide-symfony
Zend PSR-7 league/glide-zend

Custom responses

If your particular project doesn’t use PSR-7 or HttpFoundation, or if you’d like finer control over how your response objects are created, you can use your own response factories. Glide provides the ResponseFactoryInterface interface for this.


namespace League\Glide\Responses;

use League\Flysystem\FilesystemOperator;

interface ResponseFactoryInterface
     * Create the response.
     * @param  FilesystemOperator $cache The cache file system.
     * @param  string              $path  The cached file path.
     * @return mixed               The response object.
    public function create(FilesystemOperator $cache, $path);