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Getting Started


Image API


Secure your Glide image server with HTTP signatures. By signing each request with a private key, no alterations can be made to the URL parameters.

It is highly recommended that you use signed URLs in production environments, otherwise your application will be open to mass image-resize attacks.


Start by configuring the Glide server to validate each request before you output the image. In the event that the validation fails, Glide will throw an SignatureException exception.


use League\Glide\Signatures\SignatureFactory;
use League\Glide\Signatures\SignatureException;

try {
    // Set complicated sign key
    $signkey = 'v-LK4WCdhcfcc%jt*VC2cj%nVpu+xQKvLUA%H86kRVk_4bgG8&CWM#k*b_7MUJpmTc=4GFmKFp7=K%67je-skxC5vz+r#xT?62tT?Aw%FtQ4Y3gvnwHTwqhxUh89wCa_';

    // Validate HTTP signature
    SignatureFactory::create($signkey)->validateRequest($path, $_GET);

} catch (SignatureException $e) {
    // Handle error

We recommend using a 128 character (or larger) signing key to prevent trivial key attacks. Consider using a package like CryptoKey to generate a secure key.

Generating secure URLs

Next, generate a signature for each image request you make. Glide comes with a URL builder to make this process easy. Be sure to use the same signing key you configured earlier.


use League\Glide\Urls\UrlBuilderFactory;

// Set complicated sign key
$signkey = 'v-LK4WCdhcfcc%jt*VC2cj%nVpu+xQKvLUA%H86kRVk_4bgG8&CWM#k*b_7MUJpmTc=4GFmKFp7=K%67je-skxC5vz+r#xT?62tT?Aw%FtQ4Y3gvnwHTwqhxUh89wCa_';

// Create an instance of the URL builder
$urlBuilder = UrlBuilderFactory::create('/img/', $signkey);

// Generate a URL
$url = $urlBuilder->getUrl('cat.jpg', ['w' => 500]);

// Use the URL in your app
echo '<img src="'.$url.'">';

// Prints out
<img src="/img/cat.jpg?w=500&s=af3dc18fc6bfb2afb521e587c348b904">

Max image size

In addition signing URLs, you can also limit how large images can be generated. The following setting will set the maximum allowed total image size, in pixels.


$server = League\Glide\ServerFactory::create([
    'max_image_size' => 2000*2000,

Notice that Glide doesn’t actually restrict the width or height, but rather the total image size. In the above example it would be 4000000px. This accomplishes the same thing, while offering more flexibility with your image sizes.